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“Every patient who walks through our doors with a problem also walks in with the solution. My job is to help the body remember that it already knows the answer.”

- Dr. Coby Hanes

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Health & Vitality?

No matter if you have an autoimmune condition, thyroid problem, brain problem, hormone imbalance, allergies or gut problems, we’re here to support you on your journey to wellness. Here you will find some of my best tools and resources to help you address the Root Causes of your health challenge. So, dig in and let us help you return to your natural state of energy and vitality.

Before we work together please consider our 3 Core Principles:

Healing is a personal journey that requires active participation.
A successful doctor/patient relationship is a partnership with clearly defined goals.
To find the right doctor and model of care for you, you must first decide what you truly believe about health and healing.
dr Coby hanes 2
Dr. Coby Hanes, DC, IFMCP
Chiropractic & Certified Functional Medicine Physician

Healing Is A Personal Journey

Health and healing are not things that can be done to you. They are personal journeys that require YOU and your conscious and active involvement.
Health can be defined as an optimal state of physical, mental, and social well-being, and as a resource for living a full life. If I had to describe health as a verb, it would be Thriving.
Healing is defined as the process of making or becoming sound, healthy or whole again.
Therefore, Health and Healing are not things which can be done to you – they are personal journeys which require active participation and work.

A Therapeutic Partnership

Personalized care requires getting to know the patient sitting in front of me. To really do that, I must be actively engaged and willing to dig deep into the patient’s personal story. Because it’s not so much about what condition or disease you have, but rather what specific circumstances, tragedies, genetics and choices have allowed your body to develop that disease in the first place.
“It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.” -- William Olser, MD

This is why the doctor/patient relationship must be a partnership, a therapeutic partnership – putting YOU and YOUR values and YOUR goals at the center of care.

The Body Is Intelligent

The last Core Principle – “The body is intelligent and has unlimited capacity to heal itself.” Does this statement ring true for you? If you don’t believe the body is intelligent and can heal itself, what do you believe? In order to find the right doctor and model of care for you, you must first decide what you truly believe about health and healing.
The medical dogma that has persisted for years is that the body is dumb, and we doctors must find a way to whip it into shape with science, in the form of drugs, surgery or vaccines. Traditional healing professions view the body as intelligent. Rather than trying to fix the body, they ask, “How can I support this intelligent system in the most meaningful way?”
I invite you to spend some time asking yourself what you believe about health and healing. How do you visualize the optimal doctor/patient relationship? Do you believe the body is intelligent and has the capacity to heal itself?
Your answers to these questions will give you a great indication if we will be the best fit for you.

“The best part of my job is getting to see people experiencing Functional Medicine for the first time. They are often just as surprised as I was initially at how well it works.”

My 6-step plan to feeling better—for good!

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