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Meet Prineville Chiropractor Dr. Coby Hanes

More energy, better digestion, and much more!

People often ask why I chose to become a chiropractor. I feel the profession chose me, as opposed to my choosing it.”
I know chiropractors who experienced miracles as children and chose this profession because they were helped with asthma, scoliosis or bed wetting problems. However, I didn’t even know what chiropractic was, nor did I receive my first chiropractic adjustment until I was in college. In fact, I thought a chiropractor did something with your feet!

A Change in Course

I was pursuing a physical therapy degree and had been having some intense headaches after an auto accident two years prior. One of my college instructors was also a chiropractor, and he agreed to let me observe him in his clinic.
After visiting his office a few times and seeing how much his patients adored him, I became curious about whether chiropractic might help me, so I told him about my headaches. He adjusted me a couple of times, and the headaches were completely gone! I thought this was a fluke but began checking out some chiropractic schools in addition to physical therapy schools. When I discovered that chiropractic would require a total of eight years of schooling, four years more than I had planned on for a physical therapy degree, I almost choked!
I had almost given up on the idea of becoming a chiropractor until I spoke to another chiropractor who explained to me that I, as the doctor, would be the one to diagnose and treat the patient, whereas a physical therapist would carry out instructions based on a referring doctor’s diagnosis. Being the independent (my wife would say bullheaded) person that I am, this was very appealing, so I pushed forward and never looked back.

Chiropractic Education

I began my pre-chiropractic education at Lane Community College and the University of Oregon. After completing courses in organic chemistry, biology, psychology, physiology and basic anatomy, I was accepted at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. I quickly became aware of why WSCC had a reputation for being such a tough school academically. During my four years at WSCC, I studied biochemistry, anatomy, human physiology, X-ray, clinical nutrition, chiropractic adjusting techniques as well as patient care in the WSCC Student Clinic. After graduating in the top ten percent of my class in 1995, I returned to central Oregon to establish my practice.

On a Personal Note…

I was born and raised in Prineville and am married to Holly and have a son, Cole. Prineville is exactly where I want to be, because everything I like to do is right outside my back door: I love camping, fly fishing, snowmobiling, water/snow skiing and golf. Holly and I enjoy the small, hometown feel and believe central Oregon is a great place to raise Cole.
My family gets adjusted regularly. In fact, my son received his first adjustment 10 minutes after he was born and has been adjusted once or twice a week ever since. He has never had an ear infection or colic and is rarely even fussy unless he is very tired. I attribute Cole’s good health to never receiving any vaccinations and to having a nervous system that functions optimally due to regular chiropractic checkups and adjustments.
The best part of my job is getting to see people experiencing chiropractic for the first time. They are often just as surprised as I was initially at how well it works.
Once you understand that the nervous system controls and coordinates everything in the body , and that the body can heal itself once any nerve interference is removed, then you will truly appreciate the importance and value of a chiropractic adjustment!
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