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Becoming A Patient


Functional Medicine visits are not your typical 7-to-11-minute medical visit. Dr. Hanes will review all your records prior to your visit and will dedicate approximately 2 hours of exclusive one-on-one time with you. During this visit, you’ll discuss in depth the reason for your visit, how it began, what has helped and what makes your condition worse. Dr. Hanes will also perform thorough orthopedic, neurological, and nutritional exams, as well as examining your oral health.
This first visit is $350* and is not billable to insurance. We will collect a $150 non- refundable deposit before scheduling.
Dr. Hanes often orders extensive Functional Medicine lab panels at the end of this visit. The cost for those may exceed $650 and needs to be paid at the time of service, regardless of insurance.
ReCODE – Reversal of Cognitive Decline, Bredesen Protocol, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients. The first visit is $500 with a $250 non-refundable deposit.


Take the time to fill out the Functional Medicine Intake completely and accurately. Dr. Hanes reviews the intake and all documents thoroughly before the initial visit, allowing him to understand your case and flag areas of concern that may require deeper analysis on the initial visit. Remember, everything, no matter how small matters when trying to uncover root causes.
The following forms must be completed and returned to our office prior to scheduling:
Functional Medicine intake form (Male)
Functional Medicine intake form (Female)
Health History form
Records Request – see below.
Please request records for the past 2-3 years from all your healthcare providers (including neurologists, endocrinologists, oncologists, etc., labs, pathology reports, imaging, volumetric brain scans, etc.). Documents loaded to MyChart are not complete. Therefore, please complete the following form and submit it to each of your healthcare providers:


Scheduling Your Appointment

Once we have received all the required forms, and all your healthcare records, our office will call you to schedule your initial Functional Medicine visit.
At this time that we will collect the $150 non-refundable deposit. These visits are time-intensive, and we provide each patient our utmost consideration. We are often booked out a few weeks in advance. Because these visits require intense preparation and a 2-hour block of dedicated time, if you cancel or reschedule without 48 hours’ notice your deposit is forfeited.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are contracted with Pacific Source, Moda, Regence/Blue Cross and Axis Healthcare. However, the initial 2-hour visit is not billable to insurance. Also, we choose to contract with specific networks within each insurance company; for example, we may be contracted generally with Pacific Source, but we may not be contracted with a specific network within Pacific Source, making us out-of- network for your particular plan.


  • We bill almost all insurance plans (with the exception of the Oregon Health Plan and Triwest/TriCare) and will do our best to help you utilize whatever benefit you have available.


  • Insurance plans vary substantially, so we urge you to contact your insurance company to find out if we are in-network for your particular plan.
In short, no. We are not contracted with OHP or Pacific Source Community Solutions, thus we are not able to bill them.
  • Medicare Part B covers only the chiropractic adjustment; it does not cover our other services.


  • Medicare Advantage plans sometimes cover other services, however, we’re only contracted with Pacific Source Medicare Advantage, and they will not cover exams/office visits related to non musculoskeletal services or labs.
  • We schedule patients for the first available Functional Medicine timeslot, but we are not able to schedule patients until we have all the required paperwork as well as the records from your other providers.

  •  If your Functional Medicine intake form indicates you have seen providers but  you have not provided us with records from those providers, we are unable to schedule your initial Functional Medicine visit until we receive those records.

  • Yes, we see patients from all over, including foreign countries.

  • The initial Functional Medicine visit must be in person at our Prineville location.

  • During this initial visit, Dr. Hanes will perform a thorough history and exams which need to occur in person.

  • After the initial visit, most visits may be done via telemedicine or Zoom.

  • If you live out of state and your care extends past 3 years, we will need to see you again in-person before continuing care.

The Functional Medicine lab panels we run are much more extensive than anything you’ve likely had done previously. These labs are tailored specifically to you based on a thorough Functional Medicine evaluation. The results are then uploaded to our proprietary cloud-based software to analyze the results and put them into functional ranges based on your age, gender and ethnicity. This cannot be done with outside labs.
Yes, we offer hundreds of tests, including numerous specialty tests. However, the first step is the initial Functional Medicine visit. For example, you may think you need SIBO testing when Dr. Hanes would recommend something completely different based on your Functional Medicine evaluation.
Dr. Hanes sees patients of all ages for Functional Medicine.
Yes. We offer brief, 10 to 12-minute discovery calls or visits to meet Dr. Hanes, ask some general questions, and to make sure we are a great fit before becoming a patient. Generally, there is no charge for these brief introductory visits, however, if you need more time, please let us know that ahead of time and we can let you know what the fee will be.
Due to the nature and length of the first visit, we ask that you not bring children with you on your initial visit.

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