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Becoming A Patient

How it Works

We’re here to support and empower you every step of your journey. The demand for appointments at The Center For Functional Medicine continues to grow, and to ensure all patients have access to our exceptional care, we ask that you come with the mindset that “I am in to win.” Functional Medicine consistently yields positive results when done properly, however, your active engagement and participation are required throughout the entire process!


Understand Functional Medicine visits are not your standard 7-to-11-minute medical visit.

We spend 2 hours with you on the first visit.
– Exclusive one on one visit b/t you and the doctor.
– $350 including $150 nonrefundable deposit.
– $500 and $250 nonrefundable deposit for ReCODE or Dementia patients.


Take the time to complete the Functional Medicine Intake. It is critical that this be filled out completely and accurately, it will save you and the doctor a lot of time and they will have completely read it and flagged areas to go deeper on the first visit. Remember, everything no matter how small matters when trying to uncover root causes.


Gather the past 2-3 years medical records, imaging and pathology reports. A records release is included here, make copies and sign for each doctor or facility.


Once you’ve completed the above 3 steps and we have ALL of the forms, chart notes and imaging reports, Dr. Hanes will review everything and make sure he what he needs. Once Dr. Hanes has everything he needs, our staff will reach out to schedule your first visit and collect the $150 nonrefundable deposit ($250 for ReCODE patients). Please understand that these are time intensive visits, and we provide each patient our utmost consideration. We are often booked a few weeks out and sometimes more.
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