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Life, Health and Happiness Depend Upon The Quality Of Questions You Ask Yourself


I often say that there are no good answers to bad questions. And there is no shortage of bad questions.

We all talk to ourselves, and this internal “self-talk” or “dialog” can either be helpful or harmful. So, what questions are you asking yourself? Do you wake up in the morning asking yourself, “What’s going to go wrong today?” or “Will my boss or spouse be in a bad mood today?”

Those may be perfectly legitimate questions, however, the questions you ask yourself often trigger the subconscious mind to go to work and carry out whatever preconceived answers you think will come about – talk about a self-fulfilling prophesy!

For example, your spouse’s sour mood may simply be a reflection of how you’re engaging with them (with the assumption they are in a sour mood).

So, what if you asked yourself better questions? Big Questions like

“What is the one activity that makes me the happiest, most fulfilled, and time just seems to stand still?”

“When was the last time I did this activity?”

“If I look back at the 7 year-old version of me, what and who made me laugh out loud and feel like nothing else mattered?”

“What does that now?”

If you say, “Nothing,” that is the clue that you have some internal work to do!

Next, ask yourself, “What is worth dedicating the next 2 to 3 years of my life to?”

I promise that if you put your subconscious mind to work on these kinds of quality questions, you will discover some great answers. So, I challenge you to change your internal dialog and ask these Big Questions for the next 30 days. And then please share with me what shifts or changes you see in your life.

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